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Hiring Active Security

and the benefits for your small business

All businesses, big or small, have to face the reality that unlawful activities, such as theft, assault, and vandalism can take place on their premises. Certain businesses, such as banks, gas stations, and retail stores are more vulnerable to invasion and are commonly targeted by thieves more so than other types of businesses. That is why successful businesses of all sectors invest in safeguarding their enterprise by hiring a security company. The watchful eye of a security guard not only deters anyone who may be thinking of committing theft, the security guard is also a valuable liaison between your customers and staff; they help facilitate entry and traffic inside your business and assist your employees. Listed below are some of the many reasons why successful businesses choose to hire a security company.

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Peace of Mind

The watchful eye and presence of a security guard at your business is shown to be the best deterrent to crime. Having security personnel at your entrance or circulating the floor helps to provide peace of mind to the business owner, customers, and employees. For businesses in high-risk industries and locations, having a security guard on site allows your employees to be more productive and stay focused on their work as they are not wasting time on security issues. Hiring a security company for high-risk businesses can also increase employee retention as they feel safe at work. Customers appreciate seeing a security guard at your business – it helps them realize that the business cares about their well-being and is willing to take steps to ensure their safety. This can be crucial for businesses located in busy or high-crime areas or ones that sell high priced products. Security guards also greet your customers and make them feel welcome in your store.

Crime Prevention

Simply having a security guard stationed and present at your business is a powerful deterrent to crime. Thieves will often target companies without security and leave those with a uniformed security guard present alone. Professional security companies train their guards to look for suspicious activity so they can react quickly and keep everyone safe.  An interactive security guard is shown to be a much more powerful deterrent to crime and theft than a passive security camera.

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Dealing with Crime

Security companies train their guards in not only crime prevention, but how to manage a situation in which unlawful acts are committed. However, the level and stringency of training varies between companies. Some guards may simply take down information and contact the police, while others may detain suspects until the police arrive. Many security companies also offer armed, and unarmed guards, and it is up to the business to decide what type of security is best for them, and how a crime should be handled.


Security companies offer many different types of services. Certain services may better suit a particular type of business than others. While security guards typically spend a lot of time performing active patrol on a property, they are also often employed to monitor video cameras, check the credentials of visitors and facilitate access control, or watch for shoplifters. Having Active Security on hand to take care of these monitoring tasks takes a huge burden off the business owner or manager and allows them to stay focused on running and managing their business.

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To Sum it Up

We are here to protect your business

Hiring Active Security to take care of day to day security tasks and deal with any crime is a good idea for any business. Knowing that a trained security guard is on premises gives peace of mind to all employees, customers, and you, the business owner. In most cases, the cost of hiring a security company is far outweighed by the sense of security that it gives everyone involved with the company.

Questions to Ask

other factors to consider

Whether you are hosting a large conference, trade show or you are having a wedding, event security is essential to ensure everything runs smoothly. Before you consider hiring event security, you should be aware of what scope of security services to request. You should also consider how many guards you will need according to the number of attendees you will host. Security companies require dates and time the event will take place, number of attendees, as well as any special services you require. For example, do you require armed or unarmed security guards? Will you need guards to stay after hours or overnight or just during event hours? Do you require security guard dogs? Will you require parking control? With this information on hand, you can begin to contact local security companies and decide which one best suits your needs. However, there are some other things that you may need to consider.

Many event hosts may not feel that security is necessary or important. However, event security is essential as a small slip-up can lead to bad publicity, lawsuits, and fines. Regardless of whether it is a large public event or a small gathering, hiring a security company can help to ensure that the event runs smoothly. When organizing an event, ask yourself some important questions to determine whether hiring a security company is necessary or not.

There are many situations at an event that are potential security issues. These typically include things like underage drinking, fights and weapons, excessive alcohol consumption, fires, vandalism, rioting, looting, and medical emergencies. While it is easy to think that these issues will not happen at an event you are organizing, think again. It is better to be well prepared in case something awful should happen.

A good security company will be able to follow directions on what services you need. An EXCELLENT security company will not only accommodate your needs, but be able to forecast potential safety concerns for your event that you may not have thought of based on their expertise and extensive experience. Once a list of potential security risks has been identified, it is time to start thinking about what else event security guards will be required to do. Many security companies train their guards to be able to multitask, including monitoring entry and exit of attendees throughout the premises, keeping a watchful eye on security cameras, patrolling event locations, facilitate parking control, checking handbags, interacting with event employees and the general public, and handling any issues that may arise. Allow yourself to envision how the event will take place. Discuss this vision with the security company you have decided to hire. A customer driven security company will consider your vision and outline their recommendations for what services you need. Describe any special procedures you need the guards to follow. This will help ensure that you hire a security company that tailors services to your needs.

The final question you should ask is yourself is how much coverage your event will need. This will help you determine exactly how many guards you will need on hand at all times. When making this decision, make sure to factor in every possible consideration to ensure that you have adequate security for your event.