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Emergency Security Solutions

Things do happen unexpectedly. Emergencies are part of everyday problem solving for a business or property manager. From alarms going off or gate trespassing to a disgruntled employee, vandalism or fire watch. Active Security will be there when these circumstances occur. Active Security guards are trained and equipped to respond urgently, providing a reliable security presence to solve problems calmly and safely. We provide coverage 24 hours a day, 7 days week.

Specifically to Fire Watch, our staff implement the following:

  • Floor By Floor Time Sheets
  • Knowledge of all Fire Devices such as Flow Devices, Smoke Detectors, Heat Detectors, Sprinklers, Red Pull Stations, Valves etc.
  • Communication with the Fire Department along with other emergency services
  • Fire Panel Trained

Having knowledge of how a fire panel works along with how its associated fire devices communicate with the fire panel makes our security the number 1 choice for fire watch. Being knowledgeable of your environment and truly understanding our purpose of fire watch coverage allows our staff to know what to look out for. Its not just about looking out for fire, but also acting as a preventative measure similar to how fire devices work.

Emergency Security Benefits

Emergencies of any kind require a prompt response. Just the word ‘emergency’ can be anxiety inducing and stressful. Active Security trains precisely for emergencies of all kinds. The goal for all our security guards is to think quickly, be resourceful and provide a trustworthy authoritative presence that leads to crisis resolution.

Here are a few reasons to work with us:

  • Public safety assistance and tactics
  • Emergency Fire Watch, prevention and protection
  • Collaborate and adhere to Fire Safety Plan
  • Medical response procedures
  • Surveillance, monitoring, and documentation
  • Crowd control
  • Crisis management

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    Client Testimonials

    Toront's Trusted Security Guard Company

    I might want to thank you and your staff for your proceeded with business relationship. We have gotten a larger amount of polished methodology than is business as usual for the security monitor industry.


    I might simply want to state what a magnificent administration you gave us and your security watches went well beyond their obligations to ensure our works was protected and secure. I might exceedingly prescribe your organization to my companions.


    You grasped the significance security had on the occasion overall. Most of the gatekeepers on location were extremely proficient and accommodating all through the whole span of the occasion and you met these exclusive requirements.


    I have hired them over multiple occasions and have not had any issues or complaints. They provide an excellent service and we were at ease because of the frequent updates. Thank you!

    Amanjit K

    Best Security Organization in the Peel Region, Professional Supervisors/staff provide excellent service at any kind of event , have had their services for multiple events, would highly recommend their services.

    Sukhi S

    Guards are well trained and professional. I have hired one guard to escort my private vehicle. Great Service!! Wish you all the best Ravneet!! Appreciate your service!