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CCTV Security Camera Installation services

Closed Caption Television or CCTV is a common feature that businesses choose to add a layer of protection to the existing security measures already in place. At Active Security, we offer some of the best CCTV cameras available on the market and quality installation to ensure you get the best video.

Quit Worrying About Intrusion, Theft, or Vandalism

Theft and vandalism to your property can cost a fortune over time. Broken windows, slashed tires, missing equipment, or break-ins can all lead to the possibility of a violent confrontation. You can minimize this risk by adding a CCTV system. It provides you an opportunity to see what’s going on inside and outside your business at any time. You can monitor employees to ensure everything is going well. It’s perfect for businesses running more than one location.

Proper Placement of Equipment

Our security system installation specialists will study the layout of your business and discuss your needs before choosing the best locations for cameras. You can feel confident that the placement will be perfect and capture the right area from the correct angles. You’ll be able to see what’s going on clearly and without any hindrances in the environment. We make sure you’re happy with the results before leaving your business.

Get the Equipment You Need for Indoor and Outdoor Use

All of the CCTV equipment we install is of excellent quality. We have cameras perfect for indoor and outdoor use. We will match your CCTV monitoring needs with the perfect equipment. Not every camera works to get the images you need in crowded or darker areas. Our installation process will get you the best results possible.

Call on us at Active Security to get the perfect CCTV security system installed right away.

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    Toront's Trusted Security Guard Company

    I might want to thank you and your staff for your proceeded with business relationship. We have gotten a larger amount of polished methodology than is business as usual for the security monitor industry.


    I might simply want to state what a magnificent administration you gave us and your security watches went well beyond their obligations to ensure our works was protected and secure. I might exceedingly prescribe your organization to my companions.


    You grasped the significance security had on the occasion overall. Most of the gatekeepers on location were extremely proficient and accommodating all through the whole span of the occasion and you met these exclusive requirements.


    I have hired them over multiple occasions and have not had any issues or complaints. They provide an excellent service and we were at ease because of the frequent updates. Thank you!

    Amanjit K

    Best Security Organization in the Peel Region, Professional Supervisors/staff provide excellent service at any kind of event , have had their services for multiple events, would highly recommend their services.

    Sukhi S

    Guards are well trained and professional. I have hired one guard to escort my private vehicle. Great Service!! Wish you all the best Ravneet!! Appreciate your service!