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Mobile patrol security services offer advantages over placing several guards in several locations. Active Security can dispatch a mobile security unit to your location and they can travel quickly from one area of your operation to another.

Monitoring and Patrolling the Desired Perimeters

Our mobile vehicle security specialists have the ability to patrol wider areas than companies that use mere foot patrols. Every perimeter of your property can be checked and monitored at all hours of the day and night.

Fast Alarm Response

One key to keeping your property and assets secure is to make sure you have a quick and real-time response to alarms. Mobile security services ensure the fastest response times and are available to check on unusual activity and alarms. Get situations under control quickly for the best results.

Loss Prevention and Traffic Control

Controlling access to your property can be done easily using mobile vehicle security services. Properties without traditional barriers, such as fencing or gates, are prime areas for theft of equipment or materials. Mobile security experts can ride through these areas and monitor everything frequently. It’s also a useful tool for traffic control with large events and gatherings.

Perfect Solution for Extensive or Multiple Properties

If you are the owner of large lots, buildings, or have several properties protect, then it is a good idea to hire mobile security services. We can move from one area to another with ease and keep the areas monitored and well-protected.

Contact us at Active Security today and explore the security options we offer for mobile services.

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    Toront's Trusted Security Guard Company

    I might want to thank you and your staff for your proceeded with business relationship. We have gotten a larger amount of polished methodology than is business as usual for the security monitor industry.


    I might simply want to state what a magnificent administration you gave us and your security watches went well beyond their obligations to ensure our works was protected and secure. I might exceedingly prescribe your organization to my companions.


    You grasped the significance security had on the occasion overall. Most of the gatekeepers on location were extremely proficient and accommodating all through the whole span of the occasion and you met these exclusive requirements.


    I have hired them over multiple occasions and have not had any issues or complaints. They provide an excellent service and we were at ease because of the frequent updates. Thank you!

    Amanjit K

    Best Security Organization in the Peel Region, Professional Supervisors/staff provide excellent service at any kind of event , have had their services for multiple events, would highly recommend their services.

    Sukhi S

    Guards are well trained and professional. I have hired one guard to escort my private vehicle. Great Service!! Wish you all the best Ravneet!! Appreciate your service!