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Are you looking to improve the level of security on your construction sites? If so, then you’ll be happy to hear you have several options at your disposal.

Adding an additional security feature or two can not only help with ensuring a protected premises, but is can also protect you against liability claims for theft, vandalism, and injury. Having up to date security measures helps to optimize workflow. It’s never a bad idea to have a number of trained eyes and ears surrounding your property.

Let’s open your eyes to the important reasons why you should employ security for your construction site and some of the tactics you can use to make sure your site is safe and protected.

1. Security Guards

One of the best and proven forms of security for your site is hiring trained Security Guards. The vigilant watch of Security Guards wards against theft and vandalism of your expensive equipment and tools. Being mobile and interactive, Security Guards are able to control access into and out of the site as well as challenge, deter, and report any unauthorized trespassers.

Security guards also help patrol the perimeter of your site. Not only do they watch over your hefty and valuable building materials and equipment, they also ensure safety of all individuals by ensuring the site is clear of bystanders during demolition and other work. After hours, Security Guards are valuable as their interaction with the site is dynamic – as opposed to cameras which are static. The advantage of hiring Security Guards is that they are able to perform mobile foot patrols of your site and be able to catch blind spots that cameras often miss. Hiring mobile and interactive Security Guards is just one strategy from a long list of security services that can help protect your site.

2. Install More Lighting

Making sure your site is well lit is an excellent way to deter from thieves and other unlawful activity during dark hours. Studies show that most incidents of unlawful activity such as, theft, vandalism, and harm to other persons occur in areas that have poor lighting conditions. Ensuring your site is well lit at all times discourages unwanted trespassers and threats.

Because thieves would prefer to stay in the dark and out of sight, they’ll think twice before entering your site. Also, having a brightly lit site makes others think that the site is equipped with security cameras somewhere on the site (more on that in a bit).

You might think that it would be difficult for a thief to get around in the dark, but not if they already know their way around. That’s right, your own workers might consider stealing from you if the place isn’t secure enough to catch them in the act.

The simple fact that you have light will make them look for other construction sites to steal from. Meanwhile, your items stay protected and away from harm.

3. Security Cameras

Although the name would imply that security cameras are mainly used for the protection of your property, they have many other benefits as well.

In fact, one of the biggest benefits is that they can protect you, your workers, and your company from liability. Without cameras in place, you’d have to rely on anecdotal evidence to get to the bottom of who’s responsible for a workplace incident.

However, if you had captured the incident on camera, it can get you to the truth of the story much faster. This can help if a client or worker tries to take legal action due to an accident on your site.

Security cameras can also help you react to a fire on your construction site in real-time. With cameras in place, you can contact a local fire department and have a higher chance of putting the fire out before it spreads too far.

Security cameras can keep a close watch on your equipment, your materials, your offices, site visitors, and empty corners of your property. They offer you a high return on investment due to the many advantages they come with.

The disadvantage to security cameras is the phenomenon of blind spots. Just like how you can miss an oncoming vehicle in your side view mirror while driving, cameras can miss certain visual fields. Experienced thieves and trespassers know of these blind spots and are able to conduct their illegal activity in these areas undetected. That is why we strongly recommend combining highly trained Security Guards with Security Cameras.

4. Diligent Delivery Schedules

There are two main concerns that arise when you receive too many delivery shipments at once. First, there are a greater number of outsiders delivering goods who are entering and exiting your site. Second, too many deliveries at once yields a surplus of extra materials laying on your site when not in use. Your receivers may be too overwhelmed and not be able to keep track of this surplus of material efficiently. Outsiders can gain insider knowledge about this surplus and scheme against you to steal this material to sell for a profit.

In order to minimize these issues, it is recommended to have a tighter and more diligent delivery schedule. Keeping a closer eye on your materials can significantly reduce the risk of your equipment or items getting stolen. Scheduling material deliveries has never been more precise. In fact, several services these days allow you to select the very hour of the day that you want them delivered.

Try to focus more time on scheduling your deliveries to help with your project budget and reduce the risk of theft. The fewer materials you have to keep an eye on, the fewer security cameras you’ll need to install in order to monitor them.

5. Keep Consistent Inventory

Of course, logistics isn’t the only facet of your business that could give a boost to your security initiatives. It’s just as important to keep stock of those materials that you receive.

Keeping in line with the point mentioned previously on delivery schedules, many thefts go unnoticed by construction companies simply because they don’t keep an accurate and up to date inventory. If you notice that pieces of equipment have gone missing, then you can check the security cameras to make sure they weren’t stolen.

Take the time (and investment) to purchase inventory management software for your company. That way, the security personnel that you hire can keep tabs on the amount of inventory they need to monitor and protect.

Heighten Your Construction Site Security Today!

Now that you’ve seen all the different ways to heighten construction site security, it’s time to start with step 1.

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