Fraud Blocker

Avoid break-ins and theft

Criminals have a way of gaining access via the most unexpected places, so the less opportunity you provide for entry, the better. It is vital for your security company to do an updated security audit to help you identify weaknesses in your physical surroundings. This is particularly important if your premises are located in a shopping mall, or a building with shared access.

Here are some areas to check or reinforce, to make your premises less attractive to opportunistic crime:


Be sure to light up all points of entry, including the roof. Good lighting eliminates shadows, which burglars use for cover. Consider motion sensor lights or floodlights and leave lights on inside, just as you would do at home.


You want the very best locks to secure doors, windows, skylights and other openings. Change locks regularly and use deadbolts where you can. Of course, no lock is completely burglar-proof, but the longer criminals struggle to get in, the longer you have to take action.

Windows and doors

Check for signs of any structural weakness – criminals think nothing of lifting a security gate or forcing open burglar bars with a crow bar. Window frames shouldn’t be loose, and window glass should offer good visibility during the day, so that your employees can see if someone is skulking around outside. In areas where you keep cash or valuable stock, cover windows with burglar-resistant glass, bars or wire mesh. Keep your expensive merchandise away from the windows – toward the centre of your store.

Parking lot

You’ll want to keep your customers safe when they’re walking to their cars, so ensure suitable lighting and CCTV cameras are installed. If necessary – ensure extra security patrols over the holiday season.

Alarm system

Inspect your alarm system and educate your staff on the proper use of the system – where panic buttons are located, how to arm the alarm when they leave, and important phone numbers to know. Post warnings in clear view that your business is being monitored 24/7.

Protect your business from flooding and bad weather

In Canada, December’s weather can fluctuate with climate change and when your radiators, heaters or pipes are exposed to the sudden change in weather it can cause your equipment to over work and possibly break causing a flood. To avoid damages, regularly check to ensure windows near your radiators are closed, and stairwell exit doors are closed. Protect valuable machinery and stock by raising it off the floor, unplugging machines when not in use, and ensure additional patrols are done in stairwells.

Prevent fires

When everyone is on leave, boxes and packaging materials may pile up and create a fire risk. Remind staff to keep exits clear. Install a smoke alarm and be sure to have plenty of working fire extinguishers on hand.

Security doesn’t take a holiday

It’s all about creating a safe, secure environment for your business. One that affords peace of mind to employees and clients alike. Which is why preventative security solutions essential for any business at any time of year.